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Host your own Yoga Retreat in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Santa CatarinaAbout Yoga retreat Brazil’s Hosting program in Santa Catarina

Our exclusive and secluded  hosting retreat programs will offer you an unique opportunity of relaxation and renovation and deep Yoga immersion amongst nature. This wonderful

experience you will offer your group, will allow you to give Yoga classes in the mornings in our wonderful space available surrounded by the sounds of nature and green mountains.

Our Yoga Space offers your group mat,bolsters,Pilates balls, Iyengar wall straps and all props and blankets.The place is really magical and has so much Prana you will want to come back. I discovered this place many years ago and have been there so many times and love it ….it’s like a magnet and your group will feel rejuvenated,refreshed balanced and grounded.


At 8:30-9:30 am we serve a  Buffet style breakfast with Homemade Cakes,bread fresh fruits,Muesli, Soy milk,Yoghurt and Fresh Juice and Teas no caffeine. At 1pm we serve Lunch and at 7pm Dinner.

Our team of 3-4  qualified and registered professionals certified in CPR and First aid, English speaking guides/instructors and therapists will arrange the activities of the day the night before where the group  can choose from many activities (minimum to realize the activities 10 people One activity per day.)

  • One day visit to a  beautiful local beach with access to a special point 30 minute hike (Included in price)fruits and water and light snacks included.
  • Intensive afternoon surf clinic (optional)
  • Stand Up surf  lessons (optional)
  • Eco trail hike and visit to waterfall (Included in price fresh fruits and light snack included)
  • Visit and Hike to Buddhist temple
  • Dips in the surrounding natural pools
  • Visit to Historical centre
  • Horseriding afternoon (optional)
  • Sandboarding in the dunes and visit to another waterfall (optional)
  • Visit to local artesan gallery that makes everything from nature

Your group may then  choose to have their massage Therapies at ourAyurvedic Centre subject to availability. All therapies should bebooked and pre-paid on the first day. This guarantees our service as many therapist may be busy attending other clients we have one personal Therapeutic massage Therapist on our team as well.


plusTherapies available

Rejuvenating  Sharirabhyanga

Treatment for Rejuvenating your entire body using a mixture of Honey, oils and ingredients to exfoliate your body.The Honey works as a preventive for wrinkles,restore firmness in the sking and has anti-bacterial properties. Your skin will feel smooth and clean in combination with the natural water source at the retreat after one week of pampering your group will be glowing.



Full Body Massage using essential oils adapted to your body type and Doshas. Revitalizes and refreshes eliminating Toxins from your body and leaving you relaxed mind body and spirit. Strengthens our immune system, increases flexibility, and circulation.Induzes deep sleep and restauration and alleviates stress.



Sauna Ayurvédic Therapy: Through the process of perspiration your body liberates any excess toxins and impurities in the body. Followed by a deep relaxation massage with essential oils promoting deep relaxation and well being.



A continuous flow of oil that flows between the eyebrow induzes deep relaxation and works on our central nervous system. This treatment is inicated for dizziness, insomnia, stress, low libido, depression, anxiety amongst others.


Package of 3

Thai Yoga massage, Ayurvedic procedures and Thai method on the floor,the patient is slowly stretched through Yoga postures and a specie of Zen touch, Stimulating a deep stretch and relaxation of all the muscles.Works the meridiens.


Therapeutic Massage

A mixture of techniques using Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, Acupressure and effleurage,Slow deep movements in this massage promotes deep relaxation, releases blockages in the muscles, stimulates the Lymphatic system eliminating toxins.Acupressure at the end works the Chi flow or Prana moving freely.

Prices for massage treatments and activities will be given in a folder upon arrival together with release forms or contact us for a full menu of pricing.

To host your own Yoga retreat in Santa Catarina the minimum quantity needed is 20 and we can host up to 120 guests.For full details and pricing please contact us for our information package.Prices are always per person and is quoted for groups of 20 includes all 3 meals Filtered water ,return airport transfers,Beach outings and Eco- trails and Hikes with transportation and professional English speaking guides. Our staff will be there throughout your stay for the smooth flow and organization of your retreat.

Minimum   20 Yogis



All rooms are chalets with one private bath, celing fan, and Hang mat on the Verandah with River views, mountain views and garden views.

Nestled in an enchanted valley that has so much Prana the place if perfect and one of my personal favorites to host retreats.

Two large Yoga studios are available and we also have a temple.


Private room

Double share

Tripe share

Bungalows with 5 to a room.


Recommended that all guests bring a Camel pack, trekking shoes, flip flops mosquito repellant,sunblock,light rain coat , sunglasses and Hat for our day outings and Personal hygiene products and a camera.

Clothing brought should be light ,be prepared for a change of weather and light sweater or cardigan at night. Towels and bed linnens are provided for you and we have Laundry service available for a minimum cost. Guests that would like to wine and Dine out have that option we can contract private Taxis to Bring them from the retreat and back.

Our staff do not participate in Night time activities or outings, our retreat is a smoke Free and Drug Free zone. We respect silence in certain areas as we may have other retreats going on.

All guests should arrive with extra cash for outings and activities there is a money changing service available in the centre of town. We do not accept credit cards for any of the additional services.


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